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About BCCB

Background/ Goals



China is currently experiencing a rapid social, economic, and cultural development. A growing exchange has ignited between Germany and China, the interest in China increases. In turn, Germany’s and particularly Berlin’s culture has a good image in China. But this solid reputation generally comes from past achievements. There are numerous cooperations in the fields of economy and science, but only a few in the cultural sector.

Without the presence of contemporary German culture in China, Germany’s image runs the risk of being gradually lost. Conversely, knowledge about modern Chinese culture is necessary in order to benefit from differences and common grounds as a basis for effective cooperations.

This is where BCCB can be effective - by encouraging understanding between the two cultures in order to create a basis for long-term programs. BCCB wants to:

- present a realistic picture of Chinese culture – beyond clichés and

- establish the importance and awareness of Berlin’s culture and
creativityin China,

- encourage a continuous public dialogue through creative collaborations
between Berlin and China.

Members of the management board:
Dr. Karl Pilny
Anne Rottig

  Berlin China Cultural Bridges

c/o DMY Berlin
Am Flutgraben 3
D-12435 Berlin