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X Space – Hubei Art Museum, Wuhan

Hubei Art Museum and Dachu Art Organization cordially invite to the opening of
X SPACE exhibition:

„The exhibition will show 19 artists from different areas, different nationalities, and different backgrounds – among them Tobias Zaft, Susanne Juncker und Ling Lee from Germany. Through their works, we hope to establish an open dialog to the public about space, creating a community to understand the space by the operation, human intervention, and the concept of circulation.“

Organizers: Hubei Art Museum / Dachu Art Organization

Curator: Liu Fan Ph.D

Artists: Cao Mengqin(CN)/Chen Wei(CN)/Gao Jie(FR/CN)/Elizabeth Ross(ES)/Ling Hong Lee(DE)/Li Ning(CN)/Li Wen(CN)/ Li Zi(CN)/liu bo+li Yu(CN)/Liu Fan(CN)/Michael Cousin(UK)/Richard O’Sullivan(UK)/ Sandra Kunz(CH)/Susanne Junker(DE)/Tan Tan(CN)/WAZA(CN)/ Yang Jian(HL/CN)/Yang Zhifei(HL/CN)/ Zaft Tobias(DE)

Official partner: Berlin China Cultural Bridges e.V.

Supporter: Guangzhou Jinchao Electronic Science And Technology Co.Ltd.

Special Thanks: Wales Art International/ Goethe Institute China/ German Consulate General in Shanghai

Jul 2 - Aug 2 2010
368 Zhongshan Road, Wuchang District, Wuhan Hubei Art Museum

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