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Night on Earth - Connecting Urban Art Scenes in Berlin, Shanghai
and Helsinki

Night On Earth - Connecting Urban Arts Scenes in Berlin, Helsinki and Shanghai is an innovative new project, which connects together a series of urban arts events in Berlin, Shanghai and Helsinki during the spring and summer of 2008. The idea is to generate creative interaction between artists and public both in each of these locations but also in-between the sites.

This series of intertwined events is an international co-production that is based on the current chance and challenge of building networks between these three growing and rising cities. They are chances and challenges that we seek to activate and evaluate. The series of events borrows its title from a contemporary film classic, Jim Jarmusch’s film where events are taking place simultaneously in different parts of the world but events which are then poetically and thematically tied together. The task is to connect cultural activists and participants in a fashion that will create new chances for producing works, collaborative efforts, communication and distribution.

In each of the three cities Night On Earth events will be presented during a concentrated two-week or three-week period of time. There will be exhibitions of contemporary art combined with club nights where DJs and live acts perform in interaction with VJs and visual artists. There will be a carefully planned and executed interaction between the visual means and the sound landscapes within each city’s contextualized situation. Each location will have its own content-driven specific focus.

In Berlin, the focus is more on site-specific works that take place in the cutting edge, which unites the public and the private spheres. In Shanghai, our focus will be on media based works, concentrating on living images done and presented in wide variety of ways. Helsinki will bridge these both approaches while highlighting the results of the whole process.

Night On Earth will function as a platform for a great diversity of urban music and visual art. The festival aims to build closer ties and enhance communication between the urban arts scenes in East Asia and Europe. The aim of the three-part event is to build up and to develop a new type of a network that brings together the artists and producers in these three different scenes and cities. It will be a network based on shared interest and aims of dialogue and collaboration.


Opening, April 18, 6pm @ Showroom, Zero Project, Vorspiel, Showroom und Mysliwska u. a. mit HuZi & XiaoKe and Night On Earth DJs

Afterparty, April 18, 10.30pm @ Kunstfabrik u. a. mit DJ Candle In The Wind, Jaakko Eino Kalevi, Moby Dictator, Flamongo DJ Team

„This is bare, this is blinding“, April 18 @Vorspiel/103 u. a. Tes La Rok, Dead-O of Clouds, Rrimöykk, Teeth Niclas Kristiansson, Poetry Set von Matti Pentikäinen und Yaneq

Night On Earth Club Night, April 25, 23.00 @ 103 Club with Op:L Bastards, Aavikko, Pepe Deluxe, Moby Dictator, Eero Johannes, Hugo Capablanca


103 Club, Falckensteinstraße 47
Vorspiel, Falckensteinstraße 47, Wed- Sun 6-10pm
Kunstfabrik, Am Flutgraben 3
Mizlewska, Schlesische Straße 35, Mon - Sun 8-6pm
Showroom, Falckensteinstraße 46, Wed - Sun 2-8pm
San Remo, Falckensteinstraße 47, Mon - Sun 2pm-3am
Zero Gallery, Köpenicker Straße 4, Wed - Sat 12am-6pm

Jiri Geller, Maija Luutonen, Jesse Auersalo, Frida Hultcrantz, Tuomas Laitinen, Kira Gluschkoff, Panu Puolakka, Daniel Pflumm, HuZi, Mark Maher, Rinne Niinikoski, Aamu Song, Johan Olin, Jpech, XiaoKe, Jani Ruscica und weitere

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Night on Earth Berlin
18.4. - 4.5.
Schlesische Straße
Zero Gallery, Showroom Gallery, San Remo, Mizlewskaja, Vorspiel, 103 Club

Night on Earth Shanghai
17.5. - 14.6.
MOCA Museum of Contemporary Art

Night on Earth Helsinki
22.8. - 14.9.

Aamu Song, Chen Wei, Clouds, Daniel Pflumm, Eero Johannes, Fang Er, Fei Pingguo, Frida Hultcrantz, Jesse Auersalo, Hugo Capablanca, Jin Shan, Jiri Geller, Johan Olin, Jpech, Karsten Konrad, Kira Gluschkoff, Maija Luutonen, Magic Hat Magazine, Mark Maher, Meng Jin, Moby Dictator, Op:l Bastards, Panu Puolakka, Rinne Niinikoski, Rolf Klunter, Samuli Kosminen, Tatu Tuominen, Tuomas Laitinen, XiaoKe & HuZi and more

Jani Joenniemi, Mika Hannula, Tuomas Laitinen, Anne Rottig

Supported by
Greater Helsinki Promotions, Helsinkiss Berlin (City of Helsinki), Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Frame Fund, Finnish Embassies Beijing/Berlin, Music Export Finland, Finnish Institute Berlin