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Night on Earth - Connecting Urban Art Scenes in Berlin,
Shanghai and Helsinki

Saturday, June 14th, 8pm „Last Night on Earth“ - Exhibition Closing Party with live VJ performance by JPECH, supported by DJ Santo Chino

Saturday, May 17th at 4pm—Artist Talk and Forum with participating and visiting artists from China, Germany and Finland

Friday, May 16th at 9pm —Opening Concert with five international musical and visual performances to the stage at Art Lab (MoCA Shanghai 3rd floor)

Film Screenings Date TBA—Electric Forest presents four series of rare key works of Finnish experimental film and video art, dating from the 1960s until present, additional music events and artist workshops will be announced online: > MoCA Shanghai Website

Curators: Jani Joenniemi, Mika Hannula, Tuomas Laitinen, Anne Rottig

MoCA In-house Curator: Diana Freundl

MoCA Shanghai proudly presents Night On Earth, an innovative new project connecting a series of urban arts events in Berlin, Shanghai and Helsinki during the spring and summer of 2008. Night On Earth is an international co-production, generating a creative interaction between artists and the public through a series of intertwined events. The three-part event aims to develop a network bringing together artists and producers from three unique scenes and cities based on shared interests and intentions of dialogue.

The series of events borrows its title from a contemporary film classic by Jim Jarmusch, where events take place simultaneously in different parts of the world, but are poetically and thematically tied together. Through music, performance and visual installations, Night On Earth connects participants and spectators in a fashion that creates opportunity for producing works, communication and distribution among local and international artists.

The Shanghai portion of the festival, titled “Spatial Constructions and Time based Collisions” will feature a mix of both upcoming and acclaimed artists from Shanghai, Berlin and Helsinki, whose works are no longer about what they do, but how they do it, crossing formal borders of communication and combining different working methods and styles.

Studying the various creative and generous ways contemporary art shapes a particular and singular space, the site-specific exhibition reflects on the white cube environment of MoCA’s exhibition space, installing carefully planned interactions and interventions.

The aim is to construct a site within which the viewers are invited to take part in time and space specific reconstructions. The chosen artists and their works deal with spaces of conflict – challenging and opening up the ways that we relate to our physical being-ness in the world. A being ness that is colored and shaped by our take and views on urban culture, and surrounding mix of visual images and aural soundscapes.

“Though this project, spectators will see, hear, as well as participate through the programs, exhibition and events at MoCA. They will interact with contemporary performing arts by their own means and experience sensations that cannot be expressed through the constraints of language. Despite the inherent difference of time, location and individual backgrounds, through this exhibition, each and every action, whether observing a painting or listening to a beat, unites us by making an impact on our existence,” says Samuel Kung, Chairman and Director of MoCA Shanghai.

The long-term aim of Night On Earth is to become a platform for communication and reflection thus generating communities and networks between the different urban arts and music scenes of East Asia and Europe. There is an evident need and also a possibility for such a network that stems from grass-roots levels of cultural activism and develops through each event, accumulating cultural capital, experience and sustainable collaborations. It aims to activate and to deepen understanding and tolerance between different sites and cultures.

Yolanda Ding,, 6327-9900*105 (Chinesisch)
Diana Freundl,, 6327-9900*115 (Englisch)

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Night on Earth Shanghai
May 17 - June 14 2008

MoCA Museum of Contemporary Art
Gate No. 7, People's Park, 231 Nanjing West Road, Shanghai, China

Exhibition Preview & After-Party,
16. May, 21.00 Uhr
live: Clouds, Eero Johannes, Op:l Bastards, Samuli Kosminen, Moby Dictator, Hugo Capablanca

Exhibition: May 17 - June 14, daily from 10am to 6pm (Wednesday until 10pm)

Aamu Song, Chen Wei, Clouds, Daniel Pflumm, Eero Johannes, Fang Er, Fei Pingguo, Frida Hultcrantz, Jesse Auersalo, Jin Shan, Jiri Geller, Johan Olin, Jpech, Karsten Konrad, Kira Gluschkoff, Maija Luutonen, Magic Hat Magazine, Mark Maher, Meng Jin, Moby Dictator, Op:l Bastards, Panu Puolakka, Rinne Niinikoski, Rolf Klunter, Samuli Kosminen, Tatu Tuominen, Tuomas Laitinen, XiaoKe & HuZi and more

Curated by
Mika Hannula, Jani Joenniemi, Tuomas Laitinen, Anne Rottig

Supported by
Greater Helsinki Promotions, Helsinkiss Berlin (City of Helsinki), Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Frame Fund, Finnish Embassies Beijing/Berlin, Music Export Finland, Finnish Institute Berlin